Hard Work vs. Luck

Claw Machines around the world are soon going to be extinct. The way it was designed was for manipulating us to get some of our favorite things. The music, the colorful background, and the prizes stashed inside all play into their manipulation. For a dollar, you can try your luck on a claw machine that is too weak to grab that Cookie Monster. Nevertheless, we get trapped in this idea of winning but it all plays on luck. On the other hand, some claw machines offer a buy-out option. Now people think whether it is worth it to spend their money from their countless hours of hard work or play out their luck.

In the end, hard work is the best direction to take. Although you are going to spend twenty dollars for that Cookie Moonster or that LA Rams decorated plush football, it is going to be worth it in the end. Just like an AP class, your hard work will determine whether you are going to get the grade or test your luck on a grade you will not want.


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