How things are structured

In The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, there was a particular chapter about her house and the way it was structured and what it meant. Her house on Mango Street

Her house on Mango Street wasn’t exactly what she dreamed it would be but it was something else. The experiences she was yet to experience were very meaningful.In those experiences, she learned about her name, friends, bikes, and even high heels.

Entering my old middle school, I couldn’t help but notice how the readings in my class were so highly connected to real life. A large umbrella hovered over the tables where I used to sit for lunch. The pillars attached to make this sturdy. Each pillar branching out was like the branches from a tree. Each meant something and it helped the students go on with their daily lives. It provided  a protection from the sun and all other bad things that followed.



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