Beyond the Houses

This past weekend, I was lucky to share many memorable experiences with my fellow scouts at a leadership camp. Together, we attended nine different courses, all testing us on different skills. In addition, this was the camp where I would finally be accepted into the world of Scouting. It took me four years for it to happen and with hard work dedication, it paid off.

Getting accepted into the world of scouting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would,but it definitely took a toll on my sleep routine. Having to sleep at 2 am and waking up at 4 am was a painful experience as I am not my usual self.Getting tested on the

Getting tested on the morals of trust and honor also took a toll on me. It changed the way I perceived the world.

Beyond the house where we all live, there is nature waiting for us and it teaches us; not only are we missing out on extremities of life, we are also missing the lessons they behold.


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