Remembering the Past

During the time I spent with my family on Thanksgiving Break, I was given the chance to interview my dad, who I hadn’t met in months for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.  The purpose was help create an archive of the wisdom of humanity.  This gave me the opportunity to learn more about how I got my name. For years, I pondered why my full name was Nguyen Phuc Quy Nam. To make up for this long name, I was called Nam Nguyen in school and in extracurricular activities.

In interviewing my dad, not only did I learn about myself but my ancestry also. Listening to why I was named after them gave me a new purpose. It changed my perspective of what I was doing in m life. I realized the past mistakes I did in school, and in doing so, I learned that I can change things now for the better. My dad didn’t have any of the things I have today and because I am lucky, I should use it for the greater good. My name is the last thing my dad has that belongs in his old life back in Vietnam and he just wants me to acknowledge his past. My dad even when he isn’t with me every day, is the person I look as a role model and am very thankful for this experience.




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