In Donald Trump’s recent inauguration to presidency, I now realize how he got into that high of such a position. In Notes on the Upper Muddle, Lucinda Rosenfield takes us into the shoes of the white working class. Her experiences guide through what would not be called an opinion piece.

Through her eyes and the shoes of the working class, we are able to see the many similarities and differences that they share. An example is when she is backing up from her friend’s cul de sac on an old beat truck. “The incident didn’t simply make me feel incompetent; on some more primal level, it confirmed for me some confused sense of myself as a hapless intruder and perpetual outsider who would never be fully embraced by the people who mattered.” The polar opposites in this account tell us how hard it is to fit in.

This made me wonder how Trump has become our 45th president. Our country once separated on ideals has rejoiced to the start of a new year.


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