After the Mavericks handed the Lakers their worst loss in NBA history, I rubbed that loss over my cousin’s dm. Instead of complaining about it, this is what he said.

“On Friday, November 4th, the Los Angeles Lakers played against the best team in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors. I was very nervous because the Lakers were a team that was still developing to their full potential, while the Warriors looked unbeatable. Everyone was counting on the Lakers to lose, but not me. I had faith and believed in the underdog team, the Lakers.¬†Throughout the game, the Lakers played tough and strong and proved to everyone that this was not going to be an easy matchup for the Warriors. Finally, the Lakers won with a 20 point lead, and every Laker fan went crazy. From that moment, the Warriors, including myself, learned a valuable lesson: never underestimate the opponent. Now, the Lakers learned their lesson.”

I taught myself a lesson too and even if my grades aren’t what they’re supposed to be (Calculus), I still have to believe and not underestimate finals week.



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