Motivation to Self

A friend once told me, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” This quote originally said by Theodore Roosevelt, speaks out to me because I can say with confidence that throughout my life, I have always doubted myself.

Whether it be getting good grades or keeping good relationships with my moms and friends, I always stress myself on the possible outcomes and failures. What if my grades are bad? What if my mom disowns me? What if I never meet that significant other? These are some of many questions I ask myself every day and I have now since realized.

I’m always overthinking things, which never leads to the results I desire. Looking back, I wish I had come across a quote like this or someone like Theodore Roosevelt a lot earlier. Theodore Roosevelt was someone who wasn’t supposed to be the President of the United States, but he did. He was able to achieve this great feat, due to his strong belief in himself. He was able to overcome his doubts and will himself through his failures with the help of him believing in himself.


The answer was so simple, yet so difficult to achieve. If you have a goal, you only need to believe in yourself, and hard work will take care of the rest.


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