Let’s get detailed

Recently, I came upon an article by Beth Johnson called, “Let’s Get Specific.” This one, of all the ones I read, intrigues me the most. Coming from advanced English classes all my life, entering into AP English made me more stressed about the work, but excited for the news challenges that lied ahead.

I believe that I write well, but not good enough. This article exposed me to the many wonders that I have yet to discover. There was body of texts where I could easily relate to and I wondered if I was ever gonna git good. And so I set on a journey through reading more and more. This led to writing and I found that the answer was in me. Ultimately, it is me that makes these improvements myself. I must get to the point and when I am there, I never look back. Concrete writing must be, “supplied with specifics”, said by Johnson. Details help make whatever I am writing about more descriptive and more informative. Through putting in details, I am making it much easier for others including me to better understand my writing and make me a better overall writer.

Art by Pablo Picasso


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