An ode to the Past

Last year, when I first started my blog, I thought to myself, “What was I going to write about?” I wrote freely of what I believed in and what I thought of a particular subject. I mostly investigated what was going on in the world around me, whether it be about myself or random things. This matches with my personality because I am always intrigued on what’s going on.The pattern going on in my posts are from what I feel that particular day. The day at Disney was rather glum because I had failed my calculus exam with no preparation. Another time was when I wrote on motivation because I needed it to overcome that day. Time and time again, I come back to write about my feelings not because I’m forced to but because I want to. This blog helps me look back and give myself a pat on the back.

In this one blog post of many, I feel as if more could be said about it. As a fan of the Lakers ever since I was born (not a bandwagon), there are many memories that I have shared with this team. The last one in 2010, was one of the last times where I felt this team could get better and win more but as of now, we must all trust the process, which could one day be an entirely different blog.



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