Spelling according to a Grammarian

Recently, I came upon an article by the name of “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent” by Allan Fallow. I definitely agree that for one, spelling is not for everyone, but it shouldn’t have to be. Allan Fallow demonstrates this multiple times in the intro and also by attacking Trump. In a new age where technology and social media connect us with others, it could simply be the devices fault. I don’t blame Trump for what he tweets because I can imagine how his large fingers click on his ‘Android screen.’ It is hard to do imagine what Trump does and it is definitely harder to actually spell a word corrrectly when you’re rushing.

No one, evidently, is immune. And messages composed in the heat of the social-media moment routinely betray their spontaneity — I get that. But when you have 1.07 million Twitter followers and run a $69.4-billion federal agency with 4,400 employees — or let’s say you have 25 million followers and run the country — you should probably hire a proofreader to catch, at the very least, the obvious stuff.

Allan Fallow is good enough to add this paragraph but by later stating that,

Mr. Precedent, now that you’ve visited CIA HQ and reassured the spooks you have their backs, may I suggest a reciprocal guarantee? The next time you’re tempted to express yourself online, ask an intern to scan your Android screen before you press “Tweet.” Cultur comes from the top.

No one has the time to do that, especially since he is our president after all. Allan Fallow’s point of view is clearly biased based on his twitter page. Even in his twitter bio, “opinions my own.” Allan Fallow can tweets how he really feels and Trump can do his in peace.


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