Pass or Fail

This Tuesday, February 28th, I took an individual and group test for my AP Calculus class. I studied throughout the week and prepared well enough to believe that I was going to to do well on the test.

However, on the day of the test, everyone from AP Calculus was panicking and worrying about the test, that made me worried as well. I had the tests during 4rth period, and so I had the chance to listen to what people had to say about the exam from 2nd period. I was expecting at least some positive comments, but most of them were how the test was hard and too long. Another con to them were that they were online.

That was not the type of confidence boost I was looking for, especially for the online portion. Online tests tend to get easily mistaken with a push of a button. When I took the test, my mind immediately started to replay all the negative comments I heard about the test, and I lost a good chunk of my time staring at the test confused and lost. Nonetheless, I pulled through and made the best effort I could. I walked out the class, feeling happy that the test was finally over, and confident that my answers were not entirely wrong.

After the school was over, I talked to my dad about how the test was, and he told me that what people say about the test doesn’t affect your own performance. He said that as long as I prepared and studied for the test, I should be confident in my preparation and take the test with no stress. Last but not least, he told me that this test wouldn’t define me for the rest of my life and that I should move on even if I fail.

Tests may be hard, but they are not the end of your life.


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