The people versus themselves

In an article I read on an event that has occurred since the beginning of the year, Shia LaBeouf had a miniature rant on “He will not divide us,” The “he” he is referencing is none other than Donald J Trump and this topic is still going on. When I first saw the footage, I felt a sense of American pride.Celebrity Activism catches the eyes of many because of the celebrity themselves. They can express themselves the way they want and lead others too. In a time of a divided nation, people have different views and it is all up to them.

Hollywood, for the most part, has positioned itself as one of Donald J. Trump’s chief institutional antagonists, and yet only a nation that had fully absorbed the values of show business could have elected him president. A culture that put a man whom many view as a pathological narcissist at the top of American government has also produced, rather logically, a response to his various offenses, among entertainers, that is tainted by a similar self-regard.

A place filled with celebrities will only gather attention to the whole world and I honestly feel like this whole subject is only interesting. It is nice to see the many opinions of people around us and there is no way of stopping it. The first amendment guarantees the right to free speech and I don’t see any that says to judge others so we have to let these people be who they are and not get into who they are but what they are fighting for.

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