The curve

A curve on a graph represents a rate of change. A curve in life means another thing. It means that whatever happens next, there is always something we can do to get around it. Life can be tough but it is meant for us to live, rough or happy. But with every up and down, there are lessons to be learned to make you even stronger. When I was young, I believed that I could do whatever I want. I was unaware of the ‘real world’ and its problems.

A lesson I was taught was that ” You can’t just do whatever you like. One day you’re going to have to grow up and fit in. Didn’t you know? You can’t just go around being happy and creating the life you want!” That was the day I became fully aware of the world and the many complications that occurred daily. One thing that I realized was how so many poor families could’ve been fed with the amount of food that we ate, and how so many people take food and all you can eat restaurants for granted.


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