All You Can Eat

You can’t go wrong with bulgogi and a bowl of rice. I’m sorry if you don’t agree, but what you may see as a simple thick slice of beef laid on top of rice, I see a basic food staple in Asian communities. So when my family and I visited Los Angeles, we immediately stopped by an ‘all you can eat Korean bbq’ restaurant in the downtown area.

The first question we asked when the host approached us was, “Do you have All You Can Eat here?” They replied with a nervous “Yes” as they counted how many people were in our party. There were around 40 people in our party which included relatives and cousins.

Soon we were seated, and there was no holding back to what we ordered. Plates of different meats were being ordered left and right as if we could handle them all. Plate after plate came to our tables, and wave after wave of waiters came to take back the plates.

I took the picture above to capture the moment when my cousins and I completely abused the bulgogi. Instead of ordering one plate at a time, we ordered three! We stacked the bulgogi until it was shaped like a cake. It was a good thing, our table was located in the corner or else the other families could have seen how savage we were.

This led me to think how unlucky some people are. While I’m eating ‘all you can’t eat barbecue,’ there are other people in the world who don’t share the same opportunities like I do.


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