Zines Are For Everybody

This past week, I had the privilege to hear from a guest speaker at my school about zines. Before that, I have never heard of zines before. To get a better understanding of what zines are, I came across an article from the Guardian. Unlike a traditional magazine, Zines have a more unique feel to it.

There’s a liberty to creating, or witnessing subversive material knowing that it won’t be monitored, that the information is contained only within the pages of the zine. The trustworthiness of a physical object in our current age is strangely compelling. Links shared via Facebook or messenger apps can be intercepted, logged, or dispersed otherwise into the ether. Especially for teenagers, zines counter the anxiety and subsequent frantic deletion of browser history so that your family can’t see it. Hide it under your bed instead, or in a zipped inner sanctum within your school bag.

It is really interesting to see how it has the effect of “slowing down time around you to let the new ideas settle.” With the rise of social media, zines are becoming unheard of but with the right exposure, zines can go back into the spotlight.

Photo by Sushi Distro Zine Photograph: Tukru


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