Expiration Date

Every month or so, I embark on a journey to ABC Supermarket. With a list on my hand, I search each aisle for a designated food item. With so many to choose from, I look at each’s expiration date to see which one is best for my family. One thing that I learned on these trips was that the newly imported foods come and are placed behind its older brothers and sisters. The foods with the expiration dates coming soon are located in the front.

I have never thought about this before, but after watching a video on Food Waste in America I was shocked to learn that my habits have become stuck to me. This is fairly due to the fact that a huge portion of the American public is unaware of these expiration dates. As the video stated, the solution to the wasteful food problem is to fix the state laws about food expiration dates. Because the federal government does not control food expiration dates, each state has a different law that dictates when to discard food or when it is supposedly ‘expired.’ A solution, obviously, is to eliminate these laws entirely. The number of people becoming homeless and experiencing poverty is increasing every year and these foods can help comfort them and last them another year or so. Some small grocery stores and markets are trying to help keep the numbers down but there are state laws preventing the exchange of unneeded goods that are supposedly ‘expired.’ Just because I’m still a junior in high school doesn’t mean that there will be a solution soon to eliminate food waste.

photo by the Food Bank of Corpus Christi


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